Having ZERO ENERGY is no longer an excuse for not being in shape

*Crashing through your door after a long hectic day at work, your entire effort is on keeping your eyes open

*All you want to do is dive into bed and relax

*You repeat this endless cycle every day, getting more and more out of shape

*We get it

*You want to be fit and healthy but you can’t even muster the energy to get off the couch, never mind pumping weights for three hours to see little results

*Dozens of people are trying this new program where you don’t have to pump weights endlessly.

*You don’t even have to stand up

*No more excuses: click the link below to learn how to build your dream body whilst seated

FREE 15 Minute Zoom Consultation & Lesson: Seated Exercise & Lesson

*Build your dream body in the comfort of your home 15 minutes a day!!!

*You don’t need steroids or “miracle supplements”, all you need is a proper method and some willingness!

*So pull yourself together and take the first step, soon you will look in the mirror and thank this guy!

Spinnex Vitality 24/7 On Demand Courses 

Learn how to efficiently and effectively perform your daily lesson plans. You begin by a warm up of a minimum of 5 different seated positions. Then you begin to work the 12 exercise positions while moving and breathing dynamically with naturally created tension. Work as hard as you want each movement. The course is built around the idea that once you learn the 12 basic seated exercise positions, you mix and match daily lessons with varying resistance bands. You will not run out of fresh lesson plans. This course is certified by Spinnex Vitality, an educational and instructional corporation by its founder Allen Spindel. All of Spinnex Vitality courses are accredited with Spinnex Vitality through Allen Spindel, certified with the University of the State of New York Education Department, 9/01/02.
Control #188187021

Who this course is for:
This course is specifically designed for those that want to supplement their existing exercise routine. It builds on movements that many do when they workout at a gym. This course allows you to fully participate in a lifetime exercise routine while sitting in your favorite chair watching the news or listening to music. It takes 15 minutes a day and if you perform this routine 6 days a week for 4 weeks following the lesson plans, you can see a change in your physical body, enhanced personal and professional life by being more fit than you were before taking this course.

This course is perfect
 for athletes during their off season so they can stay toned. It’s also designed for the beginner to track a 30 day effort and self measure results.
Dynamic tension bodybuilding and breathing using resistance bands is a great program to cross train your sport or activity. It’s a complement and companion to what you are doing now.

A few of the types of sports
 that has benefited from Spinnex Vitality in the past were the Hunter College soccer team, Renzo Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition team and Washington Irving High School submission wrestling team.

You will learn:
How to perform the 5 warm up movements and basic 12 exercise positions with and without bands.
To exercise in the comfort of your own home.
What exercise routine to do when you get home.
Develop skills your friends don’t have.
Create your own routine that can be turned into a 52 week routine.
How to get fit by sitting in a chair.
Preparing your mind and body for improved health.
Earn your Spinnex Vitality Level 1 and 2 certifications.

At the end of this course, this is what you can expect:
Build confidence from being fit.
Develop abilities your friends don’t have.
Fuel your body and soul with the best nutrition as possible through exercise.
Be the envy of all your friends.
Become a version of yourself that has only ever been imaginary up until this point!
Upon successful completion of this course, you will be Spinnex Vitality Level 1 and Level 2 Certified to build and grow a coaching business.

There are no requirements or prerequisites for taking this course. You will eventually need to get a resistance band, a broomstick, cane or umbrella.

This course is designed for beginners and no prior sports activities needed. I can make this fun and effective for you, what ever level you are: beginner or advanced.

You will receive a professional certificate showing that you have full membership  with Spinnex Vitality as a practitioner and Level 1 and 2 certified coach.

This course is certified by Spinnex Vitality, an educational and instructional corporation by its founder Allen Spindel. All of Spinnex Vitality courses are accredited with Spinnex Vitality through Allen Spindel, certified with the University of the New York State Education Department, 9/01/02.
Control #188187021

FREE 15 Minute Zoom Consultation: Seated Exercise & Lesson

Spinnex Vitality 24/7 On Demand Courses 

What Others Are Saying”

“Usually when I get home from work, I am too tired to go to the gym. But when I see one of my bands around my apartment, I am able to click on the videos and figure out exactly what to do. Because otherwise, I have no clue what I am doing. So it’s nice to know what I am doing and get a workout all from home.”

New Hampshire

This is an amazing and informative course. This course has taught me how to stay fit even with minimal and affordable equipment.
United States

It is very early for a rating especially one this high but I already have his book on breathing and like it a great deal. So far this course seems to be of the same quality thus this rating.
United States

Was great to see you today Spin. Two hours of training for you – so impressive and you looked great on the mat, technical, in shape, fast, and strong. You are an inspiration!!
New York

Thank you for everything you taught me while I was your student.
New York

Thank you for all your wisdom and coaching. The lessons you taught me at a young age, I carry to this day. I believe my passion for coaching was cultivated watching you.
New York

You are an inspiring dude Spin. So many people need to take some fucken notes from you.
New York

WOW to start the MOST handsome fitness guy ever, so smart, so knowledgeable in his field. LOVE all his advice, can’t wait to continue, I had the glorifying experience of going to Florida to work with him for 6 weeks on a rehab of a new knee replacement. He is by far the BEST ever!
New York

Allen really enjoys teaching which makes engagement easy and makes this course interesting to follow. He really believes and is knowledgeable of what he is talking about and uses proven methods that steer less towards western medicine. Highly recommend Allen and Spinnex Vitality.
New York

Choosing this course is one of the good things that happened to me so far this year. The teacher is excellent, he kept in touch all the time, answered all my questions and alway gave feedback.
United States

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