During my years as a NYC public high school physical education teacher, I was an adjunct conditioning coach for Team Renzo Gracie New York City, working out of a back room at a NYC public high school where I was a physical education teacher.

May 20th, 1977, I earned a black belt in Hapkido, earned a masters degree in physical education in 2001 and in 2015 was awarded black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Clockwork BJJ New York City under Sensei Josh Griffiths. Not surprisingly, I have been performing these dynamic tension breathing exercises since 1979 when I published my first tutorial “Exercise While You Relax.”

One of the major influencers for dynamic tension breathing exercises in my life was In Hyuk Suh, a Grandmaster in Kuk Sool Won, where I studied while living in San Francisco in the 70’s. His specialty was breathing and got his training from Monks all over the world as a young man by way of private introduction from his grandfather, who was an officer in the Korean Royal Court Army.

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