Best Chair Exercises

Working at Home: Get fit sitting in a chair 15 minutes a day using resistance bands.

So you have no time to exercise at a gym, you have no gym you belong to and you don’t want to have another monthly expense for a gym membership. No problem, that is where seated dynamic tension bodybuilding and breathing comes in.

Did you ever visit a zoo and watch a tiger or lion stretch? All day and night they can only run around an exercise in a confined area and yet, they still have muscles. The answer is lions and tigers perform dynamic tension bodybuilding when they stretch and move their muscles and they also perform dynamic tension breathing when they make that growling noise at the same time as they are slow motion stretching while moving gracefully.

That is exactly what I call Spinnex dynamic tension bodybuilding and breathing sitting in a chair, on a bench or sitting on a balance ball using resistance bands.

The addition of using resistance bands is that the more the range of motion nears the end of it range, the resistance is at maximum tension. The resistance increases the further the band is stretched, while less stable than sitting on an exercise machine. The benefit of using a stable exercise machine is stability and you can push more weight. The benefit of sitting on a balance ball ball using resistance bands is you must engage your core, while calling upon neighboring muscles to help out. You can fine tune the resistance at will.