Spinnex Vitality Interview by Angel Adorno Graduate Student
at Hofstra University  

The Founder of the company is Allen Spindel, who holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in physical education and is certified by the New York State Department of Education. He has been conditioning amateur and professional grappling athletes since 1998 and earned a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the age of 62 years old.

Recently, Allen created his version of a workout that combines moderate to intense cardio with resistance training, known as “Dynamic Tension with Breathing.”  (Dynamic Tension: A Charles Atlas course approved by the American Medical Association in 1950)

It’s a total body workout that blends the best of lightweight resistance with speed of movement using only 3 types of bungee cords. Using these bungee cords in various positions, you are quickly reshaping your body for lean and strong muscles. Each workout is highly energetic, fast-paced and fun. The routine is changed weekly so you never get bored. This workout can be done anywhere and is safe to do at any age.

Spinnex Vitality will benefit those who need to shed excess pounds.  Spinnex Vitality will also benefit those who recently lost weight and want to insure they keep those extra pounds off.  Finally, Spinnex Vitality is ideal for those who want to stay at their current body weight levels.

I have worked with Allen Spindel before and his workouts are what they say they are. He is very knowledgeable and he can adapt himself to any situation while creating a personal work out for each person.

If you are an older person or you have a disability, it will not matter to Mr. Spindel and Spinnex Vitality. I enjoyed looking at the web site and it was very accessible for my screen reader to understand. The web site was simple and it broke down the information so it was easy to understand and process. I am a visually impaired 54 year old blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

I interviewed Mr. Spindel and it was a pleasant experience and I was glad to learn more about the company. He was open and honest with his answers. I saw during the interview that Mr. Spindel was passionate about his company and the only thing that was important to him are the participants, his employees and the learning that happens through the Spinnex Vitality brand. I have worked with Mr. Spindel and he adapts and learns about his students. Not many people are able to see things the way a blind person does.

Mr. Spindel’s method of training is always the same for every student, it changes a little, but it’s always intense and precise.

Question: What are your company’s key strengths?

Answer: I have a proven award-winning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu conditioning curriculum developed over the past 20 years and we designed it for any age. It works. 

Question: What are the three top concerns of your company’s Chief Executive Officer?

Answer: We have three concerns here at the Spinnex Vitality.  The first concern is that we maintain integrity by performing Spinnex Vitality exercises correctly. The second concern is the recruiting of Ambassadors for growth. The third concern is keeping up with technology to deliver content through FaceBook Live training sessions and YouTube.

Question: What marketing methods do you use to build your brand?

Answer: I train others who are trainers and want to add 1 or 2 components of Spinnex Vitality into their practice. They become Ambassadors by shouting out a post for me in return for a special virtual training session.

Question: What are your top two resources?

Answer: The top two resources are from those that I have trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with- social media and from everyone I come into contact with by starting a conversation about fitness and giving them a brochure. 

Question: How has using automated apps, such as credit card processing and appointment scheduling apps helped automate and grow Spinnex Vitality?

Answer: It expedites the process and makes it a seamless and smooth transition. I am currently testing Gym Catch appointment setting app with Stripe credit card processing app to act as my $20 a month virtual assistant.

Question: What jobs do you currently have openings for or that you will have in the near future?

Answer: We have Ambassadors sending us new subscribers and that works well. We are in need of technical assistance in the form of web design with ecommerce shopping made simple. We will exchange services of web design and ecommerce shopping made easy in exchange for individual training sessions.

Question: What personal attributes or characteristics does your company look for in new Ambassadors and new subscribers?

Answer: Ambassadors are those who share the same passion and thirst for knowledge as I do. They have an equal or greater expertise in their area and anyone can benefit from “one new learned skill” to complement their craft. That is where we come in. Subscribes are those who within 15 seconds of watching our video “get it” and want to be part of SpinnEx Vitality.

Question: If you had to choose to train others to teach your system, would you select someone who you knew to be a quick learner or someone who you knew to be very dependable?

Answer: I would choose someone who I could depend on, who had the same passion and goals as I do and who would maintain our gold standard of quality.

Question: Do you provide internships or apprenticeships?

Answer: Yes we do it in a creative way. One of my favorite things to do is free seminars to high school students after school and senior citizens on the weekends. From within those groups, I look for leaders to take under my tutelage so they can teach at those locations as I step away and instruct the instructors. This also contributes to proof of concept in additional markets.

Question: Does your company have special recognition programs or activities for those that reach a certain level and want more?

Answer: Yes, we have refined an existing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ground movement system for all ages. It’s an incredible solo workout that is part of our certification program. We call it Spinnex Vitality Solo Training.

Question: How do you communicate with and get feedback from your followers and members?

Answer: During the Facebook Live, we encourage honest and open comments for everyone to participate and see.

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