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We will be speaking and training chapter by chapter from this 438 page master piece that began in 1979 and completed August 2020. Dynamic tension seated breathing and body conditioning exercises 15 minutes a day with companion mat and band work. Change your body in 30 days. Seated exercises and mat work with companion bands.

“Get Fit With Step By Step Warm Up Instructed Body Movements To Tone Your Arms And Legs Moving Smooth and Steady While Focusing Your Mind On One Body Part At A Time.”

Live YouTube Webinars taught in a step by step approach to building a routine that will transform your body in 30 days


Spinnex Vitality has proof of concept with 3 students so far. These techniques are battle tested and proven effective. Someone will learn how to get fit sitting in a chair 15 minutes a day, why not let it be YOU!

*Build confidence from being fit
*Develop abilities your friends don’t have
*Fuel your body and soul with the best nutrition as possible through exercise
*Be the envy of all your friends
*Become a version of yourself that has only ever been imaginary up until this point!

YouTube Live Fitness Shows

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